G3 Technologies Wireless I/O Products

Refer to Product Data Sheets and User’s Guides for detailed product information and specifications
FeaturesG303 RIOG308 RioExpressG309 RioExpress-SC
Digital Inputs844
Analog Inputs422
Digital Outputs44 (Fail Safe options)4 (Fail Safe options)
Analog Outputs02 (Fail Safe options)2 (Fail Safe options)
Pulse Inputs1 (stand-alone)2 (DI1 & DI2)2 (DI1 & DI2)
Configuration ViaDip SwitchDip SwitchPC w/ G3 AXS config utility
Data Comm options:
1) 900MHz, 1W Radio
2) 900MHz, 250 mW Radio
3) 2.4GHz, 50mW Radio
4) RS485
5) RS232
6) FSK Modem
RS485 CommStandard part of base unit
(use by itself, or as expansion
port w/ Radio)
Radio Repeater optionYesNoYes
Power Down Mode optionNoYesYes
Master/Slave optionSlave OnlyYesYes
Master supports “X” Slavesn/a1Up to 8
Sensor Power, Vx12V or 24V selectable12V or 24V selectable12V or 24V selectable
Switched Vx optionNoYesYes
Supply Voltage10.5 – 16.0 VDC10.0 - 30.0 VDC10.0 - 30.0 VDC
Dimensions8.3”L x 4.2”W x 1.6”H6.3”L x 4.15”W x 1.55”H6.3”L x 4.15”W x 1.55”H
RioLinkThe RioLink Wireless Modem (model G306C) can be used on a Modbus Master (PLC/RTU/etc) serial data port to support wireless data communications with multiple Wireless I/O Slaves. The G306C is transparent to the data, simply converting bi-directional serial data communications to wireless. Also, a pair of RioLink Wireless Modems can be used for RS232/485 Data Cable replacement.
NOTE: All of these units are certified for use in Class I, Div 2, Groups A,B,C,D hazardous locations in USA and Canada.