G309 RioExpress-SC™

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Industrial Wireless I/O – Model G309

The RioExpress-SC is an easy-to-use Wireless I/O module with integrated high performance Spread Spectrum Radio. It is a close sister to the Model G308 Wireless I/O, but offers more configuration flexibility as well as additional features. It provides reliable access to those remote or hard-to-reach Digital & Analog process signals for both monitoring and control.

  • Use the RioExpress-SC as a Master to communicate with up to eight Slave WIO (G308 or G309) to replicate (mirror) I/O signals for user friendly point-to-multipoint Cable Replacement.
  • Use the RioExpress-SC as a MODBUS Slave in applications where more config flexibility is needed, or where radio repeating is required (the G308 RioExpress does not support repeating).
This highly integrated package requires little or no interface accessories to complete a typical installation. NEMA 4X packages are available for outdoor installation.

Features include:

  • User-friendly configuration using the G3 AXS utility (free download). 
  • Point-to-Multipoint cable-replacement 
  • Supports Radio-Repeating 
  • Advanced Communications and Power-Save features
  • Supports Radio-Repeating 
  • Internal 24V sensor excitation supply 
  • I/O count: 4 ea. DI & DO, 2 ea. AI & AO 
  • Pulse totalizer & short-duration event capture 
  • Fail-safe options for control outputs 
  • Self-resetting fuses & all-around surge protection 
  • Rugged packaging with easy mounting and field wiring 
  • Class I, Div 2 certified

NEMA 4X Packages

The G309 RioExpress-SC Wireless I/O is available in “ready to install” Nema 4X rated packages for both Solar and 120VAC applications. The pictures shown are of the Solar package with external antenna. Several package options, as well as installation accessories (built-in low profile antenna, coax, solar panel, battery, etc.) are also available.

With these pre-assembled packages, installation of remote monitoring/control at your outlying sites is greatly simplified. We can also customize your RIO packages to meet your special requirements. Contact our office for information and pricing.