G306C RioLink

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Wireless Serial Modem – Model G306C

The G306C RioLink Wireless Serial Modem is a stand-alone high performance Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio with user selectable RS232 or RS485 data interface. It is available in 900MHz 100mW or 2.4GHz 50mW models, and in most applications it is plug-n-play. It is packaged in an attractive enclosure for panel or DIN rail mounting, and has connections for standard DB9 serial port cable, 10-30Vdc power input, and RPSMA antenna connector. It also has LEDs annunciating power and data activity, and is Class I, Div 2 certified.

In a typical G3 Wireless I/O point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network, the RioLink is used on the serial data port of the Modbus Master (RTU, PLC, Controller, PC). The RioLink is transparent to the serial data to & from the Modbus Master, and provides the radio link to the Wireless I/O Slaves.

A pair of G306C RioLink Wireless Serial Modems can also be used to replace serial data cables with a wireless link between RS232 or RS485 devices that operates at 19.2K baud or less. Standard models are 9600 baud.

Depending on the RF range needed, the RioLink can be uses with a whip antenna right on the unit, or with a coaxial cable to an antenna mounted elsewhere.

NEMA 4X Packages

The G306C RioLink Wireless Serial Modem is available in “ready to install” Nema 4X rated packages for both Solar and 120VAC applications. The pictures shown are of the Solar package with a built-in low-profile antenna. Several package options, as well as installation accessories (external antenna, coax, solar panel, battery, etc.) are also available.

With these pre-assembled packages, installation of remote monitoring/control or radio repeater at your outlying sites is greatly simplified. We can also customize the packages to meet your special requirements. Contact our office for information and pricing.