Consider the value of…

  • a customized electronic package for your special application
  • “your own” product to present to your customers
  • a Controller or RTU package with integrated features that eliminate the need for external devices or wiring
  • redesigning an existing device for cost reduction
  • a special interface device for a unique application

Or are you simply not finding an “off-the-shelf” device that quite fits your needs?

Your innovative solution awaits you at G3 Technologies. We offer a full range of engineering services to address your custom design needs, from concept consultation all the way to long-term product support.

The pictures here are examples of custom designs we have done. In addition to the PCB products, notice the I/O Simulator unit in the top image and the bed-of-nails test fixture in the second image. These are additional examples of product support that we provide.

Whether your need is a simple signal conversion device or a complex Controller or RTU, G3 Technologies has a wealth of design expertise and application experience in both hardware and software development to meet your needs and even exceed your expectations.