G3 Technologies offers many years of experience in engineering services and product development, with expertise in electronic hardware design, PC and embedded software design, wireless data communications, and a wide variety of field applications.

Having a wealth of experience with tried-and-proven technology as well as expertise in current and emerging technologies, we are well positioned to offer sound and innovative solutions to today’s remote automation needs.

In addition to designing and supporting our own line of excellent products, our engineering resources are also available to provide:

  • Custom design of SCADA or Remote Control equipment, and wired or wireless data communications equipment.
  • Custom software applications for standard G3 products.
  • Evaluation of a customer’s application to help formulate an automation solution.
  • Plan a migration path to expand, upgrade or replace an existing automation system.
  • Audit of existing automation system to verify performance standards.
  • General hardware and software product support.
  • RF propagation studies for wireless (radio) data communications systems.

If it is SCADA or Remote Monitoring/Control related, we can help.