9XStream Data Radio Module

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Digi International ISM band data radio module, 900MHz, 9600 Baud

Model: 9XStream p/n: X09-009NSI

We are offering 60% discount on lightly used (like new) units while they last. Only $49.95 ea. This very popular high performance data radio module was discontinued by Digi and replaced with the XBee-Pro XSC, which has different footprint and interface requirements. These 9Xtreme units are a great solution for legacy products that require the XStream footprint, or as an inexpensive solution for new one-off projects.

See the 9XStream User Manual PDF for specs and detailed user info.


1) G3 Tech offers a G306 board that accepts the 9XStream radio module, and provides power and RS232 DB9 connection for configuring the radio module, as well as for general purpose
applications. See the G306C products page for further info.

2) G3 Tech also offers a model G310 radio module which uses the new XBee-Pro XSC radio module from DIGI, and provides form and function compatibility with the 9XStream module. See the G310 products page for further info.


Download our 9XStream Data Radio Module product documents here:

9XStream User Manual