G303 RIO™

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Industrial Remote I/O – Model G303

The Model G303 RIO (Remote I/O) is a robust, economical solution for local I/O expansion, or Wireless and/or RS485 remote I/O requirements in SCADA and Process Control applications.

In addition to its RS485 data port, it is available with an integrated spread-spectrum radio for high performance Wireless data communications.  And with the use of the integrated SS radio, the RS485 port can be used to add additional I/O or other Modbus devices to the Wireless system.  Other communication options are also available.

The G303 packs a powerful array of features not common in its price range.  Features include a Class I, Div 2 certification, rugged enclosure, very low power consumption, self-resetting fuses, LED annunciation, 24V transducer power source, precision A/D conversion, configurable meter input, flow rate and totalizer registers, industrial temperature rating, transient protection all the way around, 10 amp form C relay contacts, pluggable wire terminals, etc.  I/O includes 4 Analog Inputs, 1 Meter Input, 8 Digital Inputs and 4 Digital (relay) Outputs. See pdf data sheet for details, and call G3 Technologies for pricing.

The G303 is a very versatile unit, suitable for SOLAR powered applications, and a multitude of Wireless I/O applications.  It has all the I/O needed for most pump site or well-head automation.

NEMA 4X Packages

The G303 RIO is available in “ready to install” Nema 4X rated packages for both Solar and 120VAC applications. The pictures shown are of the Solar package with a built-in low-profile antenna. Several package options, as well as installation accessories (external antenna, coax, solar panel, battery, etc.) are also available.

With these pre-assembled packages, installation of remote monitoring/control at your outlying sites is greatly simplified. We can also customize your RIO packages to meet your special requirements. Contact our office for information and pricing.