G301 Serial I/O

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The Model G301 Serial I/O is a low cost solution for I/O expansion and remote I/O requirements in SCADA and Process Control applications. It can be used with G303 Wireless I/O, or with a PLC/RTU for I/O expansion in local or remote applications. It provides 24 Digital Inputs, 4 Analog Inputs, and 8 Digital (FET) Outputs. See pdf data sheet for details, and call G3 Technologies for pricing.

The G301 uses standard RS485 serial data communications with Modbus Slave protocol. It is especially suited for applications requiring low power and/or environmental tolerance, including SOLAR applications. It also makes a great local or remote “Modbus End Device” to gather data for a PLC or RTU acting as a Data Concentrator.

The G301 board is also designed to install directly into a VAREC Series 1650 or 1750 Tank Gauge encoding head (or compatible unit) with direct connection to the Gray Code signal. It also supports the additional analog and digital I/O requirements for a typical Tank Monitoring application.

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G301 Data Sheet

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