Yagi Directional Antenna, 900MHz, 6db gain – Laird Y8963


G3 PN: 00-0003

High-quality high-gain directional antenna, N-female, includes mtg bracket. Recommended for LOS distances up tp 1 mile.

GOLD SERIES DIRECTIONAL YAGI ANTENNAS provide industry-leading design features with long term optimal performance

Laird premium series directional Yagi antennas are fully gold anodized for corrosion resistance. All UHF and above frequency antennas feature internal matching to assure broad bandwidth and resistance to severe weather conditions. There is no gamma match to ice up, corrode or detune. Our engineering staff has optimized the product family for forward gain by computer analysis and then field-tested each for conformance.

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  • All UHF and higher frequency antennas feature 360° welds around each element and an end-of-boom N connector feed with an internal transmission line feeding the driven element.
  • Every Yagi is tuned on a network analyzer for best power match and lowest VSWR.
  • All Yagi antennas ship complete with a high quality cast aluminum mounting kit that includes stainless steel hardware and allows vertical or horizontal orientation during installation (VHF models require light assembly).
  • Point-to-point and multi-point / omnidirectional outdoor antennas applications used by private organizations and government agencies around the globe.
  • Typical applications include transportation such as railroad switching, remote locations reporting examples that include oil fields, weather conditions and, meter data transmissions for utilities.