G3 Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells wireless remote monitoring and control equipment. For several years at the beginning, we primarily did custom product development of SCADA related products for specific clients, ranging from simple signal interface devices to complex controllers and RTUs. Then in 2003, in response to market opportunities, we began developing a line of Industrial Wireless I/O products to market under our own name. Today, while custom design continues, our primary focus is on developing and marketing our own product line.

We serve numerous markets including oil/gas, water/wastewater, irrigation, power utility, solid waste landfill, and general process control.

Within our engineering resources we have expertise in electronic hardware design, PC and embedded software design, wireless data communications, and a wide variety of field applications. Having a wealth of experience with tried-and-proven technology as well as expertise in current and emerging technologies, we are well positioned to offer sound and innovative solutions for today’s remote automation needs.

Our Commitment

We are committed to excellence in all we do. We are committed to serving our customers in a way that exceeds expectations, both with customer support and with the quality and reliability of our products.  Honesty and integrity are of highest value.

Jim Grimes_G3 TechnologiesJim Grimes founded G3 Technologies in 1994, after more than 20 years with Amoco Oil Company’s SCADA division. With many years in engineering, engr. management and customer support, Mr. Grimes launched G3 Technologies with a continued focus on providing top quality SCADA Products and exceptional Customer Service to the ever-changing SCADA and Remote Monitoring industries. In addition to an overall management role, Mr. Grimes oversees Market development, Product Sales and Customer Support.