G303-558 Remote I/O

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This special version of the G303 is available as a drop-in replacement for the Amocams ASC 558 Combo RTU. It uses the same G303 hardware, but with an FSK Modem and custom firmware. Reference the G303-558 User Doc (below) for additional information.

The G303-558 was developed to help solve a major challenge faced when needing to expand or upgrade the aging Amocams systems. Because of the proprietary nature of the Amocams systems, along with un-availability of new equipment, the only solution was often a very expensive gross replacement of the entire SCADA system with something new.

With the G303-558 RIO serving as a drop-in replacement for the ASC 558 Combo RTU, the proprietary Amocams system can be expanded as needed, and the RTUs can be replaced one unit at a time (often within the operating budget) without disturbing the protocol supported by the Host PC.

At a later date, then, the HMI software can be updated with a modern standard, and the G303-558 RIO units can be easily converted to the standard Modbus version of the G303 RIO with your choice of data communications. This strategy provides a comfortable migration path to a SCADA system with modern open industry standards.


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